Tidbits Comes To The Rescue Once More

While sitting  in the reception area of an assisted living facility, Tidbits, an informative little news paper, caught my eye.  I quote from Kathy Wolfe’s article on MISUSED WORDS & PHRASES.

“If you’re going on vacation, and your friend asks you to bring him back a “momento,” what he really means is a “memento,” which is a keepsake or souvenir. there is no such word as momento.”

Step up to the coffee bar and order an “expresso,” and you won’t be ordering coffee!  The correct term, “espresso,” has its origins in the Italian language, from their word for “pressed out”, referring to the process of making coffee under steam pressure.  One of the first  espresso machines was patented in 1901, and could make a cup of coffee in 45 seconds.  To think that I ordered “expressos” while in Paris.  How embarrassing!!!

Has something exciting grabbed your interest lately?  Perhaps you think that it “peaked your interest.”  The appropriate phrase is “piqued your interest.”  The word “pique” means to cause a feeling of interest or curiosity.

When you give someone complete freedom to do as he or she pleases, you are giving “free rein,” not “free reign”, as it used by some.  “Free rein” is  a reference to horseback riding, when the rider holds the reins loosely allowing the horse freedom of movement, the opposite of keeping a tight rein.  “Reign” can mean to rule as a monarch, such as Queen Elizabeth, who reigns over the United Kingdom.  It can also mean to dominate or control, such as a certain team “reigning supreme” in the NFL.

Do you know the difference between “regardless” and irregardless?  The difference is, one is a word and one isn’t.  The word “regardless” means “without regard.”  Some people argue that “irregardless” is indeed a word, with the same meaning as “regardless.”  Some dictionaries have given “irregardless” an entry, which technically makes it a word, even though it’s considered “nonstandard.”

So there you have it.  Ms Wolfe refers to several more misused words and phrases in Tidbits.  Why not pick up this Neat Little Paper!  Who knows —- you may end up on Jeopardy some day when this information will come in handy.




All About The Month Of March

While thumbing thru “News And Views” our condo association paper I came across the following information sent in by one of our members.  I found it interesting and I thought I would pass it on to you (in case you did not already know this).  I quote:

Our world would sure be a very different place if these folks hadn’t been born in March. Glen Miller, Dr. Seuss, Knute Rockne, Yuri Gargan, Alexander Graham Bell, Osama Bin Laden, Al Gore, Albert Einstein, Harry Houdini, Eugene McCarthy, Tennessee Williams, and Michelangelo.

Imagine no telephones, no internet (so says Al Gore who claimed to invent it), no Notre Dame fight song, no man showing the way to space travel, no 9-11, great music, magic, and drama.

History has also been made in past March days:

JFK set up the Peace Corps, the Alamo fell, in 1862 the USA started using paper money (soon to be replaced by plastic in this century – or by smart phones), and our Congress met in 1789 for the lst time after our Constitution  was in effect and we can’t forget the Ides of March!”

Just for the record, my birthday is also in March, tsk tsk…..



What Is Love?

What did you guys do on Valentine’s Day? We really did nothing out of the ordinary.  When we were younger, we were into flowers and candy, chocolate covered cherries being our favorite and they still are.  One would think it would be Godiva something….

But as time passed, we realized that just being kind and thoughtful all year-long was more important, like my husband bringing me my cup of coffee in the morning as I am checking my e-mails and “bridge clues”.  Then there are times when he will do our laundry while I am – yes, playing cards or having lunch with my daughter.

Love is house and pet sitting for our kids while they are vacationing in Arizona.  What is wrong with this picture?  We should be in Arizona, that’s what!  Love is dropping everything to go and fix our daughter’s car and taking Max to the groomers.  I love that dog.

But one of my favorite things is when I return home from an exhausting afternoon of bridge with Tom or Gary (just kidding), and as I walk into the kitchen, I smell the aroma of a beautiful meat loaf and there is a cocktail waiting for me in the fridge.

I hope all of you had a wonderful day.



Restaurant Find

So last Friday my husband and I went to Ace Hardware to order a new glass top for our coffee table.  A small piece had broken off during our move, but had never been repaired.  After placing our order at Ace we decided to have lunch.  We had driven past a place called “Blind Pig” on Center Point Road, but never had been motivated to search out this restaurant bar.  Well, as we drove by that Friday, the place looked packed, so we decided to give it a try.  Although it was only 11:30 AM, we just barely found a seat.  I ordered a BLT and ice tea and Chuck had the Diablo with curly fries which we shared.  Service and our food was great.  I ate only half of my sandwich, and took the rest of it home.  So if you want good service, a yummy meal, and don’t mind loud music and TVs all around, go there and have some good food.

Watching My Entries – Right!!!

It is the Christmas party at the Monday bridge club.  There is lots of food and drink, and many are decked out in their holiday sweaters.  I did not see even one ugly one.  Ho, Ho, Ho !!!

Once again I am playing with one of my favorite partners, Mona.  We had a few good boards, a few mediocre ones and then along came this hand.  X, AKQXXX, AQXXX, K (as I remember).  I open 1H, 1S on my left, pass by Mona, 2S on my right.  I love my hand, so I jump shift to 4D.  Pass on my left and Mona bids 4H which ends the auction.  I get a spade lead which I take with dummy’s ace.  There are four diamonds to the 10 on the board.  I will never be there again, so I take a diamond finesse which is trumped on my right.  I know I said a not so nice word and proceeded to go down one.  In retrospect, all I have to give up are the king and jack of diamonds plus one club.  So what else is new!!!  One more hand was not a pretty picture.  The opponents are in 6NT.  Board comes down with 8 hearts.  Declarer finesses the jack and picks up the whole suit.  Most pairs naturally were in hearts.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!



My Friend Joy

I met Joy in Huntsville, AL.  She was a tall, statuesque redhead with a great sense of humor.  Her bridge partner had to leave town, so we partnered up and had a run of some very good bridge.  Eventually we became good friends and joined a gourmet dining club.  There were twelve of us.  The hostess prepared the entre, and the rest of the group prepared the side dishes as directed in the recipes which were sent to each of the members.

When Joy’s husband Bob was transferred to Heidelberg, Germany, I was devastated.   However, I did find another bridge partner, and life went on.  You may have heard of Curtis Cheek.  Well, I become acquainted with his mother and before you knew it, I was asked to join her social bridge club.

A few months had passed when I received a call from Joy.  She suggested I fly over to Heidelberg to visit her.  They were going to be there only one more year.  My husband, being the man he is, suggested I fly over, which I did.  We had a wonderful time.  Joy was a fabulous cook.  One night while nursing a drink she said “one martini – I am under the influence, two martinis, I am under the table and three martinis, I am under my date.  Well, I laughed until I cried.  So now when I have a martini, I think of Joy.

My friend passed away two years ago.  “Joy, here’s to you, dear friend”.

I’m Back!

It’s been a while since I have posted anything.  Well, last Saturday Pam, my daughter and I, did our hair and then danced in her kitchen, as we always do when we do our hair.  She decided that we should go out for a sandwich and a glass of wine, which we did.  We met a friend of hers, had some wine and then went on to a place down the street for a sandwich.  Our server was a darling young lady, our sandwich was delicious and I can’t remember the last time we had such a wonderful  time reminiscing and  enjoying each other.  Suddenly Pam excused herself to go to the ladies room.  A few minutes later she limped back to our table.  She had gone outside for a cigarette (YUCK), tripped over a narrow step and sprained her ankle.  Needless to say, this ended a wonderful evening.  I took her home and spent the night icing her ankle and holding her until her shakes subsided.    The following morning I took her to a walk in clinic where they informed us two and one half hours later that she had a 3rd degree sprained ankle.  She is now walking with a cane, but is doing well otherwise.

So now I hear from a friend that Charlie, a dear friend of ours, is recovering from heart surgery.  He is in intensive care at St. Luke’s Hospital.  Charlie is an avid bridge player.  I have known him and his wife Pat since before our children were born, which is more than fifty years ago.  Anyway, I am going to lend him a copy of Marty Bergen’s book called Declarer Play the Bergen Way.  One of my favorite bridge partners, Tom, gifted me this book last Christmas.  Although Charlie is an excellent player already,  I believe that he will thoroughly enjoy this book, as did I.  Hopefully he has not read this one.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I certainly did.  For once we had all of our family together in one place, which is a miracle in itself. I am so grateful to live in the United States of America!!!!!


Remember when years ago you could tell your friends that you were republican or democrat, and that was the end of it?  Well, that is not what it is today.  What has this world come to?  My husband and I decided to have a get-together.  Our problem was not what to serve, but who to invite without creating a political situation.  Well, we did go ahead and had a wonderful time. One of my neighbors and I decided to forget politics and just be friends, and it has worked out very well.  Try it sometime.